2.67″ x 7/8″ Corrugated Panels

The 2.67″ x 7/8″ corrugated profile offers a deep groove for a more pronounced corrugated style. This deeper groove offers a stronger overall panel in any gauge thickness, and allow for a larger span. The 7/8″ corrugated is offer in both the galvalume and aluminum materials in standard lengths of 8′,10′, & 12′ long. The typical material thickness offered are either 18-20-22-or-24 gauge. The corrugated with this 2.67″ spacing is very widely used in many roofing applications with it’s deep grooving allows more run off of water, and gives an overall S-Style that has the look many people are after. We can offer this panel in stainless steel, but we would typically stock this in either a plain galvalume material or the aluminum mill finish, with the smooth or stucco-embossed finish. We also spec. this panel with a large number of our perforated & corrugated panel requests. We can also quote this material in a painted finish as well. Please call 215-860-3600 and our knowledgeable staff will more then happy to help you with your order, or material quotation.