Metal Ridge Cap

With most all roofing applications, there is always a need to finish out the ends and edges of the roofing panels. This is where you will need to apply your Ridge-Cap. For example, some pictures listed on this page are what a “standard” Ridge Cap would look like, but we can and do make almost any type of Cap you can throw at us. In most cases a Ridge-Cap is an angle that will cover the top of the roof apex, and the possibilities are many. What we would typically tell most of our customers to do is make a sketch on how they would like THEIR Ridge-Cap to look and we will fabricate that to their needs. Please call or Fax over 215-860-3600, and we will make your cap right to your specific needs. The most common Ridge-Cap, will be made of the same gauge thickness, or a gauge thicker then your roofing panel, and be about 8″ x 8″. The standard Length will be 10′ Long.