Corrugated Metal Roofing Panel N Deck

Metal Specs

Corrugated Metal Roof Decking and Floor Decking The N-Deck Panel is the deepest decking metal roofing panel that we offer with a 3" deep squared off profile that allows for longer spans. The deep 3" profile therefore allows the user to use a lighter gauge, due to the structural strength of this floor decking. The narrow width of the ribs lend itself to the pouring of concrete or for the laying of insulation. Typically offered in a galvanized steel sheet, we can also offer this the galvalume and in some cases a painted finish.

corrugated deck

For extreme environments Corrugated Metal can supply the N-Deck in stainless steel, (Type-304 & T-316). If either you have the N-Deck spec’d in your next job or you want to use the strongest deck panel to make sure you are covered in your application, the N-Deck will fit the order.

corrugated deck

corrugated decks