Corrugated Perforated Metal

Perforated Panel

Corrugated perforated metal is the newest and most exciting product in the metal panel market today. It’s an invention marrying the corrugated & decking style panels we offer with a perforated sheet. This dramatic style of panel is something that we here at Corrugated Metal can offer that many other companies haven’t even yet attempted. Since we started offering the corrugated and perforated sheets, we have worked with many architects and designers who have used us for their original projects and couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. They had a finished product that couldn’t be matched by any other supplier. We offer custom sizing and rolling for any and all needs.

Basically, our process when making the corrugated and perforated style panel is to take the traditional perforated sheet, in any of the materials we stock, such as a plain steel, aluminum, stainless steel, either pre-painted or powder-coated, and pre-galvanized or galvanized after perforating. Then, we will roll form or bend the perforated sheets into whatever profile or decking style panel you choose. The options in this particular option are almost limitless as far as the perforated hole patterns and styles. This page will allow you to view some perforated hole patterns and options to help you choose the right look for your job, and you can then view the standard profiles listed on our other pages of this site to see what will give you the most unique look. Although we are one of the industry leaders in this new style, we still have not done every hole pattern in every corrugated profile, but are waiting and eager to try whichever combination the customer desires. In choosing this application you can still have something that has never been done before.

We encourage you to explore the many design options that come of making your own corrugated & perforated panel on this site. Here at Corrugated Metal we will be happy to help you with guidance in making your next project an original design and the envy of all. Listed below are just a few samples of how a ‘wavy’ panel with holes will look, as well as a decking ‘flat-top’ will look like when finished. The possibilities are endless!