4.2″ Corrugated Metal Panels

Corrugated Metal Panels

(4.2 panel shown, top to bottom, Galvanized, Bronze-Painted, Aluminum (stucco-embossed) and Kynar painted Beige)

Corrugated Metal Panels

The 4.2 corrugated panel is a high profile, wavy style corrugated panel that is used and can be used in almost any roofing, siding, or decorative application. The (4.2) panel groove is similar to the standard 2-1/2″ corrugated and based on the same premise but with bigger more pronounced look. Originally this profile was made in a concrete version and used as an asbestos replacement panel, it is now used in the industry for many others applications where a corrugated look is wanted. The 4.2-Inches denote the distance from one peak to the next peak and has an overall height of 1-1/16″ if were laying flat on the ground, this is deepest “wavy” style of corrugated available anywhere.

The 4.2 Profile is the preferred choice in many applications where a traditional “corrugated” will work but not look as good, or have the strength of this panel. Not many companies in the country even carry the 4.2 wavy style of corrugated, so look no further since, we also stock this and can make it practically in any material our customers can imagine. Below, are stock sizes, but almost anything can be done in a plain-steel or the standard galvanized. We can also, offer this in a painted version, or stainless steel (both T304 & T316, and in 2-B & #4 finishes), and in aluminum with a mill (smooth) finish, or the Stucco-Embossed (pebble finish). We now offer this panel in up to 40′ long. We are also the first offer this in a perforated and corrugated panel which is one the top choices by architects and designers. Please call us at 215-860-3600 and explore all the possibilities when using the (4.2) Corrugated Roofing/ Siding panel.

STOCK SIZES – Galvanize

18-Gauge / 20-Gauge / 22-Gauge / 24-Gauge

All 42″ Wide – 8’Long / 10’Long / 12’Long (max.)

Corrugated Metal Panels

Corrugated Perforated metal