7.2" Hefti-Rib Metal Panels

Metal Roofing Description

Corrugated Metal Roofing The 7.2" Hefti-Rib panels are an economic and attractive panel that can be used as both a roofing and a siding panel. 7.2i in. panel is used mostly because of its strength and spanning capabilities, and can be made and sold in a wide variety of finishes. Check our color chart for your desired painted surface finish, or request the gavlalume or galvanized finish as both can be done as well. metal roofingThe painted steel is available in the 20-22-24-26-29 gauge thicknesses and the .032 and .040 aluminum thick nesses, in both the smooth mill finish and bare stucco-embossed panel. The (7.2) Hefti-Rib panel is strong, wide panel that can e used in all types of applications, and has great look desired in many decorative applications. We have supplied this panel in every imaginable area of buildings, walls, roofing, and decorative perforated paneling. Please call Corrugated Metal with your specific applications and we will be happy to help you with whatever job requirements you have. Metal roofing