Galvalume Steel Finish

The galvalume finish is primarily used in the roofing and siding materials that we supply. The galvalume would be a coating consisting of 55% Aluminum and 45% of zinc and minimal amount of silicon to give it a long term resistance to atmospheric corrosion.

Galvalume is very functional as well as a handsome deep silver appearance which tends to give a richer look over galvanized in its bare form. The galvalume is the go to product for any roofing/siding application allowing it retain its original look longer then a galvanized finish.

Ideal for the roofing products since it can be rolled formed into several styles and profiles. Due to its cut edge protection the accompanying trims and flashing material as likely to corrode on the sheared edges.

We primarily offer the plain galvalume in our corrugated (2.67 x 7/8”) and (4.2) corrugated styles but offer many other styles as well. For the added level of corrosion resistance the galvalume is often the substrate material for the painted surface finishes allowing it to last to the brutal weather environments. Galvalume will not give the same weathering of a stainless steel but will not be as expensive as a stainless would product will, which is something to consider when roofing or siding a large building.

Feel free to call us or request a quote to see if this material or any other will work for your particular application.

galvalume steel finish