Material Finishes for Metal Flat Sheet & Roofing Products

Mechanical Metals is a sheet steel supplier that we handle in standard flat (solid) material that we can then fabricate into roofing/siding panels, perforated sheets, or expanded metals. We can also sell the standard flat-sheets in various gauges.

Typically, we offer anything in the following list of material types in gauges as light as 24 gauge all the way down to the heavier thicknesses of 16 gauge. Anything heavier would be more in line with the ‘plate’ products which are available upon request.

The listed materials are the industry standard starting materials for any of our finished corrugated, decking, perforated or expanded products as well as any number of trim pieces that can be made to your exact dimensions to complete your job.

Please inquire with us further to specify which material fit your needs. This list will give a brief description to explain the properties of each.

Plain Carbon Steel Finish Galvanized Metal Steel Finish Galvalume Steel Finish Aluminum Steel Finish Stainless Steel Finish