Galvanized Metal Steel Finish

The galvanized material is coating on a plain steel sheet. The process of galvanizing is adhering a layer of zinc on steel to protect substrate metal for the purpose of achieving a corrosion barrier. The galvanizing ‘look’ gives the material a silvery spangle appearance which improves the surface to limit staining and rusting as well as improving it formability and accepting of a painted finish.

The galvanized can ultimately be used bare, or pre-painted and also post painted. We certainly offer the galvanized in its flat sheet form it is used in many of our corrugated products as our stocking off the shelf profiles.

Standard gauge thicknesses for the galvanized would consist of either 18-20-22-24 gauge in most sheets products but other thicknesses can be done as well. With almost all steel coated products the galvanized will weather over time to produce a white oxide coating which protects the surface giving more time to survive outside in the real elements.

Although the galvanized surface finish will not hold up as well the galvalume finish it has been used for many years for many standard outdoor applications. The galvanizing is described in thicknesses or ‘levels’ of either a (G-90) or a (G-60) value depending upon how much zinc is applied to coat both sides of the sheet. Almost any steel product that is being used today will have some sort of galvanized or other finish applied.

Please inquire for further information to see if this is the correct material for your specific job requirements.