Corrugated Metal Roofing Panel E.H.D Deck

Corrugated Metal Roof Decking and Floor Decking The EHD (Extra Heavy Decking) Corrugated Metal panels are an uncommon decking profile panel which is sometimes referred to as a Type-H deck or the 1-5/16” Centering material. Typically this is something that we can offer in a standard galvanized finish, or aluminum, and as the name signifies it is made in a heavy gauge thickness of material. The standard panels come in a 36” wide size, and will in be either an, 8’, 10’, or 12’long panel/sheet size. Due to the uniqueness of this panel and infrequency of ordering, this is something we will manufacture on a “per order” basis. For measuring information the dimensions for the top flats will be @ 1-5/8” across the flats, and have a matching 1-5/8” dimension across the bottom flat, and will have a 5.14 pitch. Please call with inquiries with this particular panel, and Corrugated Metal will help you with any questions you regarding this profile.