Ribbed Style Panels

The Ribbed styles of corrugated decking panels are defined by the flat topped sections similar to the wavy style corrugated panels or the decking profiles listed on our site but the ‘ribbed’ style are used in more in the decorative or architectural applications. We have listed many of the more standard profiles offered in the industry but there are many, many variations of rib panels that have been made over the years.

Different manufacturers have designed and marketed rib styles of various heights as well as flat sections. Therefore, if you don’t see the particular style you are trying to match feel free to contact us with a sketch or design which we can replicate for you in our custom fabrication shop.

4″ Ribbed Style Panels

5.33″ Box Beam Panels

5.33″ V-Beam Panels

7.2″ Ribbed Style Panels

8″ Ribbed Style Panels

Ultra Ribbed Style Panels