Painted Steel Finishes

Most of our products can have a painted surface finish. For most of our roofing and siding products we offer the Kynar painted finishes which come in a variety of popular color finishes (listed below).

The Kynar is applied to the galvalume, steel and aluminum. The kynar finish is an industry standard to last in harsh environments with limited amounts of fading, chalking, salt spray and abrasions.

We also deal with several powder coaters in our area that can apply a hard durable long lasting painted finish to many of the custom fabricated items like the perforated/corrugated items we make.

Please inquire as to which surface coating is best for your application.


Core Colors:

Colonial Red

colonial red

Slate Blue

slate blue

Mansard Blue

mansard blue

Bone White

bone white

Regal Blue

Dark Bronze

dark bronze



Hartford Green

hartford green

Matte Black

matte black



Classic Green

classic green



Surrey Beige

surrey beige

Patina Green

patine green

Slate Gray

Sierra Tan

Brandy Wine

Stone Gray

Medium Bronze

Regal White

Metallic Colors:


Bright Silver

Silver Smith


Bright Copper