2-1/2″ x 1/2″ Corrugated Metal Panel

corrugated panels The 2-1/2” x ½” corrugated metal panel is probably the most common corrugated metal panel on the market today, and has been used as the standard for many years now. The 2-1/2” corrugated panel is typically used for the “pole-barn” and almost any simple corrugated structure. The 2-1/2” dimension denotes the distance from the peak of one bump to the peak of the next, and has an overall height of ½”.We typically stock and sell this in the G-90 galvanized finish as our standard stocking item, but we can provide this in any material you require, such as a plain steel, fiberglass, aluminum (smooth & stucco embossed) as well a painted finish and stainless steel, in both the (T-304) & (T316) materials. All of our stocking sheets are galvanized.
18 – 20 – 22 – 24 – 26 – GAUGES Galvanized (41-1/4”Wide in S.S. / Alum. 42”W / Fiberglass 45”W) (Custom Width & Lengths Available Upon Request)Other finishes will have varying widths, so please inquire as to which width is the standard for each material type. We also have started offering the 2-1/2” x ½” in a corrugated & perforated panel which is very unique, which we can do almost any hole pattern with. The 2-1/2” x ½” corrugated panel profile is certainly the most common and most versatile panel on them market today and can be used in any application you may need. Please call Corrugated Metal with any size inquiry, 1-2 sheets or 1,000 to 2,000 sheets and we can ship directly from our stock sheets. Also, inquire about whatever finish or material you may need and our sales staff will more then happy to customize your quote and material to fit your needs.